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♦ Tile Maintenance ♦

Many people have asked what the best way to keep up the beauty of their newly tiled home is. Tile is not that hard to maintain, but just like anything else it needs periodic cleaning. One of the best cleaners we have found in the time we have operated our business is 1/2 - 1 cup vinegar to a gallon of water and either a white scotch brite pad (green pads may discolor light grouts) or a cleaning brush. Vinegar works well because it dissolves hard water, which can become a problem in wet areas such as showers or tub surrounds. Although some people do not like the smell of vinegar, it is one of the best cleaning agents for the care of tile. We recommend using white vinegar, because apple cider vinegar may discolor the grout. If vinegar fails to clean what ever is on your tile or grout, below is a good list of tile and grout cleaning tips to help you.

Tile cleaning reference table

* The reason this chart reccommends "soap less" detergent is that cleaners with actual soap contain oil. When you clean tile and grout with actual soap the oil in it causes dirt and grime to stick to the grout, and the grout over time will gradually darken and become harder to keep clean.

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